Paul Bryan Gibson II, Chairman of the Board

Born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. Graduated from High Point Central High School – Received a Bachelor of Science Degree in History from East Carolina in 1965. While in college I spent the summers working at P.A. Thomas Car Works on School Bus Assembly line. Upon graduation from college, I went to work at J.P. Stevens Inc. [Textile Mill] in Greensboro, North Carolina, completing their two year management training program. Steven’s sent me to H.B. Maynard Engineering School in Charlotte, North Carolina [three month time study and MTM course]. For the next few years I worked at various apparel manufacturing companies in capacities ranging from Chief Engineer to Regional Manager. In 1975, I was fortunate enough to put together a group of investors and start “Bristol Jean’s Inc.” serving as President and Chairman. We employed approximately 500 people for the next 22 years, eventually closing as a result of NAFTA. I have been involved in various charitable organizations since the late seventies. I Served as Chairman of Board of DARE during the eighties. Hobbies include dealing in Civil War memorabilia, Sports and Bible Study. I am married to my wife Linda of 33 years and have one son, Bryan. We are members of Elizabeth Chapel United Methodist Church.